The winter months are coming, like it or not, and they can be grueling for some.  Often forgotten are the animals that don't yet have a warm home to snuggle up in.  TAMC has joined forces with some area businesses in an effort to bring supplies to both the Central Aroostook Humane Society in Presque Isle and Halfway Home Pet Rescue in Caribou.  It's called "Pitch in for the Paws."

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TAMC, along with MMG Insurance and several other area businesses will be serving as drop-off locations from October 31st through November 8th.  If you are able to donate, some items in high demand are -

-bleach                    -hand soap               -laundry soap                                         

-paper towels          -garbage bags          -air freshener

-blankets                 -leashes                    -cat carriers           

 -dog kennels          -treats                       -puppy pads         

 -cat litter                -Purina Cat and Dog food    

-A variety of office supplies, such as paper clips, pens, scissors, staplers and notepads are also needed and any monetary donations would be appreciated.  You can make donations at the following locations -

-TAMC (all facilities)

-MMG Insurance - Presque Isle

-The County Federal Credit Union - Caribou, Presque Isle, and Fort Fairfield

-S.W. Collins - Caribou, Presque Isle, Houlton, Lincoln

-United Insurance Kieffer Agency - Caribou

-Beaulieu’s Garage - Caribou

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