Woodstock Old Home Week

Old Home Week in Woodstock Announces Events!
The events will get started with a drive-in movie night at the grandstand on Friday July 30. According to the Old Home Week website you can watch two classic films, ET and Footloose. On Saturday the 31st of July there will be Lawn Mower Races starting at 7 p.m.
Old Home Week
Woodstock Old Home Week is a Carleton County tradition! Events and activities run thru Saturday, August 6! We've got all the info you need and some cool videos.
Old Home Week
Woodstock Old Home Week has been a Carleton County tradition for over 67 years, and it's almost time for this festival that is jam-packed with plenty of fun and excitement for young and old alike!
This year's Woodstock Old Home Week takes place from Friday, July 31st through Saturday, Augus…
Old Home Week
Get ready to celebrate the family farm with this year's Woodstock Old Home Week celebrations coming up on July 26th through August 2nd, 2014!