Top Maine Videos
Our new series is called Top Maine Videos. We feature some of our favorite stories, photos and videos. Here's the the Top Maine Video Posts.
Top 5 Maine Lightning VIdeos
We wanted to share some really awesome Maine lightning strikes. From the famous Grand Isle bolt to the Northern Maine Fair in Presque Isle. Buckle up. These are for real.
Bridgewater Barn Fire
It was a wild weather night across Aroostook County on Wednesday, and a lightning strike caught a barn on fire in the town of Bridgewater.
According to Matthew Powers of the Bridgewater Fire Department, crews from the Bridgewater, and Monticello Fire Departments responded to a barn fire at 222 Snow R…
Lightning Strikes!
You know I love my country concerts. I love my life a little more though. Flying on the heels of that 20 year old in California that was struck and killed by lightning a couple weeks ago, I might have taken cover at this Billy Currington show.