Julian Edelman

Sunday Fun Day with Edelman and Amendola [VIDEO]
Yesterday was such a beautiful Sunday in New England. We love Sundays...especially when the weather is nice. You just want to be OUTSIDE doing ANYTHING. That goes for Patriots superstars Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman too. The boys got on their boards and hit the streets of Boston yesterday:
Edelman Mic'd Up
This will be the catch that people will talk about for a very long time. Patriots down by a ton, backs against the wall and Brady launches the ball down field to Edelman.
The ball gets tipped in the air and Julian has to adjust quickly to make an attempt to catch it...
Tom Brady's Call
It looks like Tom Brady has had enough of vacation on the beach with Gisele (really?) and is ready to get back to work. Check out his Ron Burgundy-esqe RECEIVERS ASSEMBLE Facebook post.
New England Patriots RECEIVERS… ASSEMBLE...

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