Sturgill Simpson doesn't bite his tongue ever, so he didn't take being misinterpreted by the media lightly. The fringe country singer says his quotes in a New York Times profile on Luke Bryan were taken out of context and not how he intended to come across.

In a feature called "From Farm to Farm With the King of ‘Bro-Country’," Bryan admits that he's a fan of Simpson, saying: "I’ve wanted to go have coffee with Sturgill. I am utterly amazed at what he does."

The Times reached out to Simpson to get a returned quote about Bryan to complement the piece. But the singer couldn't provide, writing back in email: "I don’t know Luke, I don’t think about Luke, and I’ve honestly never heard a single note of his music."

Simpson later explained that his words were poised in a way that makes it easy to read them negatively. "When you say things in print it's so easy for context to get twisted," he tweets. He also shared a screengrab of his emails with the writer in which he says he's unable to provide any quotes.

Read the full email exchange between Simpson and the New York Times below:


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