The investigation of the disappearance of 48-year-old Russell Burnett from Franklin has been joined by the Maine State Police. 

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Burnett lived alone at 323 Eastbrook Road in Franklin and was last seen in the early morning, February 21st.

Her was wearing a grey Carhartt jacket with blue jeans and brown steel toed work boots when he was last seen. He was walking about a half mile from his residence on Eastbrook Road, said police.

Since he was reported missing, the Maine Warden Service and the Hancock Sheriff’s Office have been involved in the case. Evidence is being gathered Monday by members of the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit and the Evidence Response Team.

Contact the State Police in Bangor at 973-3700,  and ask to speak with Sgt. Darryl Peary if you have any information.

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