On Air

Gwyn Rogan

Hosted by TSMPI Staff

Gwyn has been doing Country radio as long as she can remember. Her favorite things are talking about new music and sharing album details.

Steve Harmon

Hosted by TSMPI Staff

Steve Harmon plays the best Big Country music with fun facts about your favorite songs. Listen for fun facts about your favorite songs.

The Road

Hosted by The Road

The Road takes you behind the scenes with Country’s biggest artists! Plus, live concerts! Sundays, 6 pm to 8 pm on Big Country!

Bobby G

Hosted by TSMPI Staff

Bobby G knows Country music inside and out. He knows how to play just the song you want tp hear at the right time – only on Big Country 96.9.

Rich Creeger

Hosted by TSMPI Staff

I’ve been involved in Country music since I was hired to be a bar back in the early 80’s at the World Famous Gilley’s nightclub in Pasadena, Texas during the height of the Urban Cowboy craze. Although Country music has gone throug…