2014 U.S. Senate candidate Shenna Bellows will kick off a her 350 mile 'Walk With ME for Jobs and the Economy' campaign in Houlton on Sunday afternoon.

Bellows will walk 350 miles across the state, from Houlton to Kittery, to bring politics and campaigning back to the local level where she feels it belongs.

Shenna Bellows for US Senate facebook page

Bellows will hold a kick off rally event Sunday afternoon at the walking bridge in Houlton where people could ask questions and see for themselves just what she is all about. People are even invited to walk the first mile with her.

Shenna Bellows grew up in Hancock, Maine, knowing the value of hard work. She's running for Senate because she feels Maine needs a new hard-working leader in Washington who knows how to fight tough battle and win.

During her trek across Maine, she'll be sharing her plan for a better economy, stronger civil liberties, a cleaner environment and better access to health care.

You can follow her journey across Maine by clicking here.