Santa’s Sleigh Project was a huge hit at the the Holiday Light Parade, Saturday night in Presque Isle. Thank you to Townsquare Media, the United Way, PI Kiwanis, PI Rotary, TAMC & our community for filling the sleigh with gifts!

Families, friends and neighbors from all over lined Maine Street, bringing presents for children in the County to open for Christmas. Townsquare Media's Vehicle pulled Santa's sleigh as the gifts were collected along the parade route. Here's the video:

Townsquare Media's Digital Team spoke to many of the people with the float:

Ryan Guerrette, Sales Director for Townsquare Media and Head Carpenter for the Sleigh: "We've had a great parade, collecting all kinds of toys for kids in Aroostook County. Couldn't be happier."

Jeff Clockedile, Townsquare Media Salesman and Chief Electrical Engineer for the Sleigh: "Look how we powered this thing." When asked about the Patriots and Gronk's surgery, "Not going to matter, they're still gonna win."

• Chris O'Brian Mosher, Elf + Communications & Development for TAMC: "Townsquare Media rocks! Especially when they work with TAMC."

Jamie Guerrette, Elf + Communications & Development for TAMC with Chris O'Brian Mosher, shout out to sponsors: "TAMC, Townsquare Media, Presque Isle Rotary, Presque Isle Kiwanis, The United Way & The Boy Scouts of America...and the elves"

Miranda Levesque, Rollin' in the TSM Vehicle + Townsquare Media Traffic Director: "Lovin' life."

Dick Palm, Best Santa Hat + The Rock Morning Show: "We're having a blast. We've done pretty good and more coming in too."

Sherry Locke, Elf + Executive Director for United Way of Aroostook: "This is so exciting, our sleigh is almost full."

We have some great pictures from the United Way of Aroostook's Facebook page:

The Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce gave out awards for the Holiday Light Parade:

The Chamber also posted photos of the entire parade:

Townsquare Media proudly partnered with the United Way, Presque Isle Kiwanis, Presque Isle Rotary, and TAMC on Santa's Sleigh Project. Thanks to everyone who came out to the 27th Annual Holiday Light Parade!

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