When a country music fan needs a good cry, these 15 unbelievably sad songs are the prescription. Breakup songs, abuse songs and songs about death that try to be poignant but still leave us crying make up this week's episode of This List.

We asked country fans to weigh in on the saddest songs and received several hundred responses on Twitter and Facebook:

The most popular suggestion comes from a late legend, while ballads from Tim McGraw and Martina McBride move the conversation into the 1990s. More contemporary songs from Lee Brice, Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell are included to prove that no generation has been saved the delightful misery of crying because of country radio.

The body count is high across this list of sad country songs, but each death is met with dignity and courage, or at least respect. Blake Shelton mourns his mother. Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss describe lovers that lose their way. George Jones sings of a man finding harmony only when he closes his eyes for the very last time.

Together, the 15 songs make a playlist we won't recommend for anyone, but when clipped together the pain is an oft-needed reminder of how good it feels when the sun is shining. Watch this week's episode of This List and then subscribe to Taste of Country's YouTube channel to never miss one of these weekly conversation thought-starters. One of the most popular episodes concerns country hits that weren't. Check it out!

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