Maine’s Largest Ice Fishing Derby

The Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby had a great weekend of fishing, and we got the results. (See below).

It was the 17th annual event this year, taking place Saturday and Sunday, January 29 & January 30th.


Huge prizes were given out at Maine’s Largest Ice Fishing Derby - up to $45,000 in prizes including a 2022 Ski-Doo Skandic 600 Ace, a Sportshack Ice Shack and an ultimate fishing package offered as prizes. Plus, a cash purse of $21,000.

Photos & Videos

There are all kinds of videos and photos shared on the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby Facebook page. Some of the catches are monsters. There are a lot of smiling faces of all ages enjoying the chance to show off their fish.

Getting Young People Involved

One of the goals of the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby is to get young people participating. Ice fishing is something families have done for generations in Aroostook County, Maine. This is a chance for newcomers to the sport to see what it’s like.

Ice Sculpture

There’s a really cool video of the ice sculpture commemorating the 2022 event.

Share Your Photos & Videos

If you have more photos and videos of your weekend, share them with us in the comment section on Facebook. People would love to see it.

Lakes & Waterways

Fishing for the derby was done on many lakes and waterways. Long Lake, St. Froid Lake, Eagle Lake, Beau Lake, Carr Pond, Cross Lake, Square Lake, Glazier Lake, Portage Lake and the St. John River.


See the results below and give a shout-out to your friends and family that pulled in the biggest fish. Congratulations to all the winners.

Proceeds from the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby benefit the Edgar J Paradis Cancer Fund.

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