In 2017, the television series Red Blooded, which country superstar Reba McEntire created with executive producer Marc Cherry, was passed over by a network before it ever aired. McEntire says that it was a disappointment to her, but she hasn't given up on her mission to return to TV.

“I was so sad. I was mad,” McEntire tells the Washington Post about her reaction to the show's rejection. “I was curious: What do you have to do to get a good show on television?”

The singer-turned-actress went back to the drawing board with a different creative team to come up with something new and fresh, determined to return to television with what would be her third TV series, after her comedy Malibu Country and the successful six-year run of her hit show Reba from 2001 until 2007. While a reboot of the beloved family sitcom series isn't out of the question, McEntire explained in a recent interview that it's not in the cards for the time being.

McEntire's co-star from that show, Melissa Peterman, says that generating new ideas is just part of what makes the country icon tick. “She changed things up to keep herself relevant. She could stop all this and live a comfortable life,” Peterman says, “and she wouldn’t be happy.”

McEntire's pitch for Red Blooded was her most recent acting stint (except for a turn as the first female Col. Sanders), but the superstar has been on stage and in front of the camera since early in her career with her first role in the 1990 feature film Tremors, proving her versatility in talent and her drive to succeed.

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