There’s been a lot of talk about the weather going into this weekend. People are wanting to get out a couple more times to enjoy late autumn. 

Peak Foliage for Leaf Peeping

The leaves are almost past peak this time of the year and if we get rain - which is planned - then a lot of what’s left could be on the ground.

If you do go for a cruise and you want to see the leaves, check out It has am updated interactive map.

It might be kind of pretty seeing the rain and the leaves. It all depends on what mood you're in. It is Fall and rain is bound to happen this time of year.

Saturday has rain in the forecast

Not just a little, but a considerable amount of rain Saturday. We could see almost a quarter of an inch with heavy downfalls at times.

Sunday brings even more precipitation 

Unfortunately, the rain continues right on through Sunday with almost a half an inch possible in northern Maine. We’re going to get pretty wet up here in Aroostook County.

Monday, you guessed it, more rain

Just when you thought we had enough, Monday has a good chance of showers also. Monday night too.

Then comes Tuesday - Are we good?

No, a chance of precipitation on Tuesday too. Tuesday night also. We are definitely seeing a pattern here.

Wednesday Looks Good

Wednesday is the first sign of clearing. Wednesday night looks good. And then…

Thursday the rain comes back

Not a high chance of showers - 20% - but enough to mention as a possibility.

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The U.S National Weather Service

The source for up to date information on the forecast. They have a great Facebook page with all kinds of resources.

What does that mean to our late Fall in the Crown of Maine? Well. At least it’s not snow. Not yet anyway.

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