Police are looking for a baby llama that may have been stolen in Acton on Sunday.

Baby Llama Stolen from Maine Farm

Acton Animal Control Officer Jim Driscoll said the llama needs to be with its mother and is too young to be away.

People Asked to Keep an Eye Out

Officials are asking people to be on the lookout for the llama in areas of Foxes Ridge Road and County Road.

No Sign of a Predator

The baby llama was born in September and could not have escaped its pen by itself. Authorities said they did not see evidence of a predator, said WGME News.

Llamas Stay in Packs

Driscoll said llamas stay in packs and don’t generally venture off alone.

Contact Animal Control with Info

If you have any information about the llama, call Officer Driscoll at (207) 206-6065. The York County Sheriff’s Office said the investigation remains open.

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