Plow trucks are on the leading edge of storms in the state of Maine. They keep our roads open and make sure people are safe to travel from one place to the next.

Plow Truck on Fire in Orland

You don’t see anything like what happened in Orland, Maine over the weekend as a plow truck caught fire and burst into flames.

Driver Escaped the Blaze Without Injury

It all happened early in the morning on Saturday around 4 am on Cedar Swamp Road. The driver was able to escape and is doing OK according to officials. There was no final word on the cause of the fire.

Orland Fire Department Put Out the Flames

The Orland Fire Department got there to put out the flames. A big salute to the dedication of the first responders who had to travel in bad weather and on treacherous roads to arrive on the scene.

Photos of the Firefight

The photos tell the story. Look at the firefighters getting in close and risking their lives as the flames are shooting out. The truck had serious damage and was a complete loss.

Plow Truck Drives are So Important

The major roads get cleared and so do the back roads. This is as an essential service to all of us. Plow trucks drivers are out there putting in long hours and working in difficult conditions - so much of the time they are taking care of business at the height of the winter storms.

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