Let's be honest, pickleball is a pretty big dill.  Ouch, I know, and am proud to say I didn't make that pun up but come on it had to be said because this is very cool right?

According to NBC Boston, Pickleball4America is bringing the pickleball party to Boston's Fenway Park this summer for an inaugural pickleball festival.  12 courts will grace the outfield for a few days.  You an rent a court and enjoy a game with friends or just watch the amateur and professional tournaments that will take place as well.

Pickleball Surges In Popularity Across America
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Oh, and I'm sure it goes without saying that your "Sweet Caroline" singing and Fenway Frank eating moments won't be impacted.  The festival will happen during a home game break with our beloved Red Sox.  I think it sounds fun to watch some of these games as it's always fun to go to Fenway Park for other events so why not let one of the fastest growing sports in America take place at one of the best, most iconic and famous places in the America.

According to NBC Boston, Bostonians and beyond can play or watch and there will even be a commemorative gift.  Outside of Fenway Park, the only other headlining venue for this Ballpark Festival Series as it's been coined, is Oracle Park in San Francisco.

Brendan Sapp
Brendan Sapp

I'm super excited that Fenway Park continues to add to its already diverse events outside of baseball games.  With concerts, hockey games, college football, and pop-up Topgolf, it adds to this iconic park we so love to spend time.

The exact dates of this festival are still in the works.

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