Gov. Mills' Administration has released a series of checklists for businesses and organizations to follow as phase 2 of Maine's economic reopening plan draws near.

Beginning June 1, the state will lift restrictions on restaurants, lodging, large gatherings, community sports, summer camps and campgrounds. Summer day camps are advised to limit attendance to 50 campers.

They are also urged to have campers bring their own lunches. If camps do serve meals, they have to come up with a plan to minimize contact between campers and staff.

Restaurants will asked to limit the number of people inside a dining room to 50, with social distancing measures in place.

All organizations are urged to train staff on proper health and safety measures.

State officials say guidance for religious organizations is still being finalized and is expected to be released on Friday.

The Mills Administration is also delaying the full reopening of gyms and fitness centers, originally scheduled for June 1, in light of new studies raising concerns about the transmission of the virus in such settings.

Gyms and fitness centers are currently allowed to conduct outside classes of less than 10 participants and one-on-one instruction inside.

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