UFOs are in the news again after recently released audio of pilots reporting unidentified flying objects.

Maine has had its own share of UFO reports. Northern Maine has one of the biggest stories ever! There are claims all across the County and state of people who have had an encounter, or know someone who has.

1) The most famous one of them all happened right here in the County - The Allagash Abductions.

2) There was a sighting in Presque Isle last year that was posted online.

3) In 2017, UFO sightings in Maine was at all-time high.

4) The Easton Planetarium had an event to look at the 1975 Loring Air Force Base UFO sighting.

5) Here are the Top 5 Maine UFO videos.

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The navy also put out videos of their pilots seeing and recording things flying in the air. The Pentagon declassified these videos after shutting down its UFO Program in 2012.

This was released in March, 2018:

This footage was put out in December, 2017:

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