Have you ever been talking to someone who pronounces a few words a little differently than you do? You wonder what region they come from and why they talk like they do. For example, when someone 'from away' moves to my town they always ask me, 'What's a dooryard?' Now you can take a cool survey that traces the roots of the way you speak.

Wavebreak Media
Wavebreak Media

Obviously when someone says "Ya'll," most times we assume they're from somewhere in the South. When someone addresses a small group with "Youze Guys," we're thinking maybe New York. Well, thanks to this new survey from the New York Times we can find out where those little language eccentricities come from. I always assumed that I had no accent. Being in broadcasting for so long, we're trained to avoid as much dialect as possible. I was surprised by my results.

Take the survey by click here.


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