A new warning goes out to the tender hearted people who frequent Facebook. Chances are you have probably seen something like this on your Facebook feed – a friend shares a heartbreaking photo of a baby or a teenager with a life-threatening illness. The post urges you to “like,” “comment,” or “share.”  It’s a scam that’s going viral – emotional Facebook posts begging to be liked and shared.  


But experts are warning folks that not all of these emotional posts are real. In fact, such fake posts are part of a scam called, “like-farming.” They can put your computer security at risk, or your personal data if you donate.

Here are a few things you can look for that fake posts have in common:

  • The post claims someone has cancer or other serious disease and needs money for surgery.
  • It claims Facebook “has decided to help,” by donating a certain amount of money for “likes,” “comments,” or “shares.”
  • It typically asks a Facebook user to comment, “Amen,” at the end of the post.

If you suspect a scam, contact Facebook immediately so it can delete the post.

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