As a history geek, I am fascinated by the thought of exploring all things related to Maine's past.  Forts, museums, old factories, and historic buildings.

But, the location does not have to date back hundreds of years to be interesting.  Maine has plenty of recently abandoned buildings that provide us with a snapshot into the state's past.

That being said, many of these locations provide us with images that are really quite haunting, especially when you take into account that these places and objects were visited and used by people.

Thanks to the Facebook group Abandonment of Maine, and the contributing members of the group, we have hundreds of pictures of the state's abandoned locations.  Everything from houses, to factories, to abandoned attractions.

If you go on your own adventures, please remember that these locations are still owned by someone.  We would never suggest trespassing or putting yourself in danger by entering an unsafe building or structure.

Do you have any pictures of abandoned Maine houses or buildings you'd like to share with us?  Send them to us through Facebook or through our app.

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