Military families deserve so much credit and respect. They often have to move and in times of conflict, families are seperated by deployments. That is tough on both the parents and the children. I saw a story on Country Living dot com about a Military family in Virginia and the great idea a Dad did for his son during his deployment.


Air Force Maj. Steve Dillenburger was going to be deployed in Kuwait from April 17 to Oct. 25. He has a three-year old son Sean and he didn't want his three-year-old son to forget how much he loved him.

So Dillenburger found a way to give Sean a kiss goodnight every night while he was deployed. He left him a jar of 190 Hershey's Kisses, one for each night of his deployment.

It was an idea that he got from another person in the military.

What a great idea! See Sean and his 190 kisses right here.

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