Midland singer Mark Wystrach and his fiancee Ty Haney are expecting a baby together this year, and the reveal picture may give you whiplash.

Haney and Wystrach both shared the news on Instagram on Friday (July 19) with different pictures and posts. His is a few photos of dad-related wears and his soon-to-be wife looking very early into pregnancy (if they weren't taken prior).

The 30-year-old Haney's picture is more provocative:

"Baby on board or too many donuts? Lil cowgirl on the way," she writes.

An hour or so later the "Mr. Lonely" singer shared the news his own way, writing, "Knew I shoulda bought this! Soo excited to announce @ty_haney and I are having a baby girl in November!"

Wystrach and Haney got engaged in May after dating for a little over one year. They met when she messaged him on social media. She is the CEO of Outdoor Voices, an athleisure brand that she created in 2014.

"Talk about something that makes you really take a step back and truthfully assess who you are and who you wanna be for this young little one," he tells People. "We’re thrilled and terrified to go through this beautiful, live-changing (sic) experience and start a little beautiful family together. What a trip!"

The magazine also shares that Wystrach's twin brother is expecting a baby girl around the same time.

Wystrach's baby will make for four kids for Midland, as Jess Carson and his wife have three of their own. The band also includes Cameron Duddy. After a critically acclaimed On the Rocks album the trio are set to release the Let It Roll project in August.

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