McLaren in Maine

You don’t see this every day at Dysart’s or anywhere (maybe Hollywood). Not just a high end McLaren, but an orangish Mclaren in central Maine. (McLaren is a British “supercar.” They are involved in Formula 1 racing and other motorsports).

Good thing someone got a photo when they did. Perfect placement too - right out below the Dysart’s sign and right next to a big red truck (something you do see a lot in Maine). 

Somebody was having a good time cruising on the Interstate and got hungry for a Hunter’s Breakfast. They got on the road at a good time to see the foliage. The color of the car kind of reminds you of the leaves changing color and a little like Halloween.

How Much Does a McLaren Cost?

There are different types of McLarens you can buy. The price depends on how souped up it is too. Let’s just say, it’s expensive and that’s why you don’t see them around. Depending on type, model, year and other factors, the cost of a McLaren can range from $191,000 to $299,000 and up.

Dysart’s Couple

We would love to think it’s the “buttery flaky crust” couple’s ride, but it's not. It sure would be nice to see the two of them cruising home in style. Not sure who would be driving - probably not a good idea to get in the middle of that discussion.

Speaking of our favorite truck stop couple. Dysart’s Facebook has a cool behind the scenes photo of the filming of one of the ads they did. It looks like people in the background are not extras but are there for the Hunter’s Breakfast too.

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