Maren Morris is filming an episode of Sesame Street on Friday, so she brought husband Ryan Hurd along for what she says is "hands down the best birthday Ryan Hurd could have."

Hurd turned 31 on Nov. 2.

"Happy birthday to this grouch," Morris writes on her Instagram page alongside a picture of the two of them sharing a kiss inside Oscar the Grouch's garbage can on the set of the iconic children's television show.

The couple's visit was all play and little work, it seems — Morris also shared a video of the Sesame Street characters singing "Happy Birthday" to the Michigan native, resulting in Hurd putting his hands in the air at the end of the song.

It's a feel-good moment worth watching:

These newlyweds — who tied the knot in March —  just enjoy being together, no matter where they might be. In the week before their visit to Sesame Street, the couple shared pictures on their respective Instagram accounts showing them doing everything from voting to going to a wedding together.

The much-in-love pair are featured together on Hurd's new single, "To a T."

"Our label really wanted us to do a duet so she would be more featured in the track," Hurd explains in a recent interview. "I don’t think either of us were really pumped on that being that kind of moment, but we sing together all the time live and we’ve written together. Maren was the first one to love this song. She showed it to our manager, and she was the one who got everybody behind it. She’s obviously my muse when it comes to creating music and writing lyrics, so having her on a track like this, a love song, just felt really natural."

It's not clear when Morris' appearance on Sesame Street will air.

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