Before embarking on the Flicker World TourMaren Morris and Niall Horan entered a studio in Nashville to record a pared down version of their duet "Seeing Blind."

It's musical perfection.

Listening to their voices come together in the scaled-back recording confirms that these two have two of the coolest voices in music — and that they are better together. Morris loves collaborating with artists of all genres.

“I love sparring back and forth with people and just geeking out over mixes,” the country star says in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “I love the production element of making records. Even when I moved to Nashville the reason I learned about production was from being in demo sessions from my songs when I was just a writer. I learned my voice sounds better with this certain kind of effect, or what guitars sound too slick and polished. I love everything to sound really trashy and fuzzed-out and soulful … I love giving musicians leeway. There's gotta be this mutual respect there, because they respect me because these are my songs and I respect them to give them creative freedom to do what they do.”

The fun looks to continue for Morris and Horan throughout the coming months, as the two have tour dates together straight through the summer.

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