In a world of quick changes and Snapchat videos that disappear after 10 seconds, Marc Scibilia wants us all to slow down a little bit. The singer-songwriter has recorded a beautifully stripped-down version of his latest single, "Summer Clothes," and he's sharing it exclusively with readers of The Boot. Click play above to check it out.

Filmed in Scibilia's Nashville home, the above version of "Summer Clothes" strikes a nostalgic tone with a simple acoustic arrangement that highlights the song's lyrics. Recorded in his current city but written about Buffalo, N.Y., where Scibilia grew up, "Summer Clothes" pays sweet homage to his hometown and the people in it, particularly his family.

"I was drawn to releasing an acoustic version of "Summer Clothes" because, ultimately, the lyrics are what that song is all about," he tells The Boot. "When I was 18, I moved from Buffalo to Nashville. My dad would call me once a week and end every conversation with, ‘One more time, what’s your address?’ and he would never send me any mail. The song is a little bit about my hometown, my family, but mostly just someone looking for an excuse to call someone they miss."

In many ways, "Summer Clothes" speaks to the universally relatable experience of continuing relationships with loved ones from afar and always looking for ways to stay connected over long distances. "Summer Clothes" beautifully makes use of juxtaposing images of sunlight and snow to reveal rapidly changing seasons, both in the physical world and in the world of a relationship.

"I've been thinking 'bout you / Funny how that goes / Lookin' for my winter jacket, I found your summer clothes / I'm alright, thanks for asking / Summer came and summer's passing / The town, you know it's the same old / There's a lotta talk, but nothing happens," sings Scibilia in the opening verse of "Summer Clothes," before ending the tune with the caller's real reason for reaching out: "I found your summer clothes / In a closet yesterday / But I really called to say hello / It sure was good talking to ya / I'll let you off the phone / Put on my winter jacket / And send your summer clothes."

Part of Scibilia's motivation to film an acoustic version of "Summer Clothes" was to connect another part of his "family" -- his fans -- to his everyday life. Scibilia has been making music for over a decade, building a dedicated fanbase through honest and relatable songwriting and relentless touring; they're shown in various clips in the music video for the full-band version of "Summer Clothes," and they're a huge reason that Scibilia wanted to record this stripped-down video in his own house.

"I want my fans to have a glimpse into my creative process," Scibilia explains, "and that starts with showing them this personal space where I spend my time writing and creating."

After years spent opening for everyone from Zac Brown Band to the Wallflowers to Johnnyswim, Scibilia is ready to set out on his own: He'll begin his first headlining tour on April 13; readers can see dates below and visit Scibilia's website for full details on the trek. It's a victory in many ways for the boy who grew up in small-town New York and refuses to forget his roots even as time propels him forward.

Marc Scibilia, Summer Clothes 2017 Tour Dates:

April 13 – New York City @ Mercury Lounge
April 14 – Alexandria, Va. @ Birchmere
April 17 – Columbus, Ohio @ Rumba Cafe
April 18 – Buffalo, N.Y. @ Buffalo Iron Works
April 19 – Boston, Mass. @ Red Room at Cafe 939
April 21 – Chicago, Ill. @ Schubas Tavern
July 22 – Des Moines, Iowa @ Nitefall on the River (opening for Phillip Phillips)

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