A man with two active warrants jumped into the Aroostook River to evade arrest Monday after a traffic stop on Washburn Road in Presque Isle.

Police are looking for Alan “AJ” Raymond Jr. after he swam to Parsons Road, attempted to make a phone call, and was picked up by his father. The two men evaded several agencies who gave chase.

Raymond was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over by Officer Matt Brown. He was identified as having two active warrants for his arrest, both for Unlawful Trafficking in Schedule Drugs, said police.

Officer Brown was in his cruiser checking information on other passengers when Raymond got out of the vehicle and ran from the scene.

Presque Isle Police said:

AJ jumped into the Aroostook River and swam across to the Parsons Road side of the river, where he went onto the porch of a residence on the Parsons Road and asked the residents to make a phone call. After he was refused the phone call, he went back into the woods and to the next residence, where he was picked up by his father Alan Raymond Sr. The two then left and evaded several agencies who gave chase.

Contact the Presque Isle Police at 207-764-4476 if you have information of the whereabouts of Alan “AJ” Raymond Jr. or his father. You can also reach the Maine State Police at 207-532-5400, or reach out to Aroostook County Crime Stoppers at 800-638-8477.

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