Despite being a state with a smaller population, Maine sure does love its concerts. Whether they're indoors or outdoors, intimate or raucous, sit down or general admission, people in Maine show up to see their favorite artists. While buying a ticket and being there is one thing, behaving well is an entirely different situation. And a new study from No Deposit Fan claims Maine consistently has poorly behaving audiences.

Maine and Kentucky Spike with Disruptive Behavior in 2022

To understand how No Deposit Fan came to their overall conclusion, the formula starts with an increase in bad behavior. Maine tied with Kentucky with a massive spike in reported disruptive behavior from 2021 to 2022. 67% of the respondents to the study say they witnessed rude behavior from concertgoers last year in Maine.

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What is Considered 'Rude' or 'Disruptive' Behavior?

No Deposit Fan put emphasis on eight different criteria that are considered rude or disruptive. They are the following:

  • Excessive Smartphone Use
  • Disregarding Personal Space
  • Loud Talking
  • Excessive Intoxication
  • Littering
  • Pushing and Shoving
  • Ignoring Venue Rules
  • Live Streaming without Permission

Some of these emphasis points are clearly more dire than others but they all carry weight when it comes to whether a concertgoer or an entire audience could be considered rude.


Maine Failed Miserably at Three Specific Criteria

Crowds in Maine rated as nearly the worst in three of the eight criteria above. Maine ranked last or in the bottom five nationwide when it came to excessive intoxication, excessive smartphone use and loud talking during performances. Whether its just the case of a few bad apples ruining for everyone else or not, Maine ranked as one of the worst states in the country for concertgoers experience.

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New Hampshire Ranked as One of the Best in the Nation

On the complete other end of the spectrum, New Hampshire ranked as one of the best states in the country for concertgoers. New Hampshire consistently ranked near the top in every one of the above eight criteria and ranks just above Rhode Island as the overall best state for concert crowds in New England.


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