We could a few more details about the State of Maine's COVID-19 vaccination plan during today's Maine Centers For Disease Control briefing.  Additionally, it was explained that two major national store chains would be joining the fight as part of a federal initiative.

According to the Portland Press Herald, 24 Walmart and Sam's Club locations are ready to administer doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Walmart and Sam’s Club initiative to distribute vaccines is not directly connected with the state's vaccination plan.  Instead, it is in coordination with the federal government.  Once the program launches, those 24 locations would get approximately 4,000 doses per week.  As production continues to ramp-up, those locations would get access to more doses.  Eventually, other commercial pharmacies, like those at  Hannaford and Shaw’s grocery stores, would join the program.  However, it is not known when that will happen, but it is said that the federal pharmacy program will expand in the coming weeks.

Those 4,000 doses would be on top of the 21,000 doses Maine is currently getting from the current administration.

As of Tuesday (February 9th), over 200,000 Mainers had received at least their first dose of the vaccine.

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