Three men used a rope to save a 16-year-old girl after she fell off a snowmobile into Little Ossipee Lake in Waterboro, February 4th. Here's the video of the rescue.

VIDEO from WGME CBS 13 News:

The snow machine encountered open water and the young girl was thrown off. The driver who is an adult male family friend dove into the freezing water two times but could not reach her, according to The York County Sheriff's Office Facebook.

Bill Rogers (Bill's Auto in OOB) was ice fishing when he observed the event unfold from a distance. He gathered up some rope and he and another ice fisherman, Taylor Dion, went to the scene to assist.

Brandon Jackson from Limington was riding around on his ATV and also saw the mishap. He also responded independently to the scene, said the York County Sheriff's Office.

Once there, Bill, Brandon and Dion worked together to get as close as they could to the girl, who was frantic in the water. They worked as a team to throw the girl a lifeline so she could get out of the water.

The York County Sheriff's Office thanked the men and went to Facebook to ask for the public's help to ID Dion:

These three gentlemen need to be commended for their heroic actions. They put themselves in harm's way for a stranger and I know the family is very appreciative.


We know the identity of Bill and Brandon, but who is Taylor? We are told the Game Warden may know his name and contact information, but in case he does not know Taylor's last name - do any of you?"

They were able to identify Dion and posted a thank you:

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