Usually when trolls are coming, we say HIDE THE CHILDREN! But not these trolls - we say GET THE KIDS!

Giant trolls are heading to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. Starting May 29, when you head to the Gardens you will see magical Giant Trolls constructed by internationally known recycled arts activist and artist, Thomas Dambo. He uses upcycled materials sourced from around the state. Upcycled basically means using something thrown away and making something better with the materials. It also comes with a gentle reminder to protect our earth.

Thomas Dambo trolls
Thomas Dambo

What are these Giant Trolls?

According to Gretchen Ostherr, President & CEO of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens,  'The trolls, affectionately called ‘Guardians of the Seeds’, tell a unique story of sustainability that is echoed in everything our organization stands for. Each troll lives in different places across our 300-acre property and visitors could spend the whole day searching for each one. That said, any visit will be a complete one–whether that’s a day’s hike to see them all, or a visit with one or two, the magic is the same. We encourage everyone to come see us, enjoy a self-guided tour of our grounds, and visit with our new friends.'

How did the trolls come to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens?

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Thomas Dambo’s team, and whole bunch of volunteers have been working outside (in all weather) for months to get ready for Memorial Day Weekend. To make sure these trolls were kept under wraps, everyone was asked to keep it a secret! The only tease were strategically placed large footprints on well-known New England attractions.

Thomas Dambo
Thomas Dambo

Is this the first display of it's kind in the country?

Yes! This is Thomas Dambo’s first installation of this size in the whole country! There will be five trolls throughout the Gardens. Dambo picked Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens because it is so unique and beautiful - and really mirrors Thomas' mission of using recycled materials to create something new.

Who is Thomas Dambo?

He is one of the world's leading recycle artists; and the most relevant sculpturist in Scandinavia. During the last decade he has built giant wooden trolls made out of recycled wood all over the world. He was heading into one his busiest years ever in 2020 - but as we all know, 2020 changed plans...for everyone, including Thomas. Stuck in Denmark he decided to make a mark and he built ten massive sculptures made of recycled wood and spread them all over his own country.

Will the trolls go away?

Nope. The trolls are here to stay. So you will have a great opportunity to see them! Find out how to see them at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

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