Maddie & Tae are going on tour with Carrie Underwood later this year, but they'll have to get over their nerves first.

"My palms get drenched in sweat," the duo's Maddie Marlow admits, laughing backstage at a recent charity show in Chicago. "I don't get nervous around just anyone, but we just respect and just admire her so much."

The 2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360 kicks off May 1 in North Carolina.

"I feel like seeing Carrie (Underwood) on American Idol is what really sparked everything for me, because she was from Oklahoma and she was a female singer," adds Taylor Dye, speaking of the inspiration Underwood has been for her since she was just a young girl. "I watched her and I was like, 'One day I'm going to go make this dream a reality.'"

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Maddie & Tae — who recently nabbed a Duo of the Year nomination ahead of the upcoming 2019 ACM Awards — are currently in rehearsals for Underwood's tour, which will also include openers Runaway June.

"We are all up in rehearsals," Marlow reveals. "We are meeting with a show director shortly and one of our producers is going to help us put the show together, so we are kind of making this a huge collaborative experience so we can have all of these incredible minds come up with the best show we can possibly give. We have never prepared for a tour like this, ever!"

"Just talking about it is making me get nervous," Dye says, laughing.

While it's sure to be a whirlwind time for the "Girl in a Country Song" hitmakers, they hope they will have some time with the superstar to talk about not only music, but also their shared faith.

“She's so chill and she doesn't talk very much," Marlow discloses of Underwood. "She's so beautiful inside and out. I can’t wait to have conversations with her, because I feel like she kind of keeps everything close, but I can feel like she has been through so many things that have shaped her and she has learned so much. And she's Christian too — I want to hear her God stories. I bet they are cool."

Above all else, Maddie & Tae say they are just proud to be on a tour that will showcase girl power at its very core.

"It's just a game-changing tour," Marlow says. "A lot of people say they support women, but action talks and B.S. walks. Carrie (Underwood) has stepped up to the plate and she is truly getting behind the movement."

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