It finally happened, but you knew it was coming. American Idol was built for this. The playful panel of judges were assembled for this. Luke Bryan's butt was shaped for this.

During a recent Idol audition the "Most People Are Good" singer stood, turned and did a slow-mo version of his famous hip shake for viewers and Katy Perry, who was seated alongside him. Watch above as the pop singer laughs, picks up a golden ticket and slaps his backside with it.

Did Luke Bryan's rump just get sent on to the Hollywood rounds of American Idol?

The Idol contestant auditioning for the judges' adulation (or maybe just a few laughs) was Lucy Clearwater, a 19-year-old from Los Angeles. She sang Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" before Perry asked her to sing something a little more personal. So Clearwater then sang an original called "The One You Adore." On Facebook, the hopeful talked about the audition and earning a golden ticket (Taste of Country is still investigating into whether or not she received Bryan's butt's golden ticket or another).

"Both song choices were tremendous risks as the first song was a total joke and there's no guarantee that they would've asked me to sing another song," Clearwater writes on Facebook. "And as for my second song, choosing to sing an original song was exciting and vulnerable, as the show is mainly catered toward covers."

Hollywood week began on Monday's American Idol. A recap of what country contestants moved on to the Top 50 can be found here. Bryan is in his first season as judge. The show returned after a nearly two-year hiatus and is now airing on ABC.

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