Lindsay Ell's bold flash of confidence colors "Want Me Back," the second single from her upcoming Heart Theory album. The "Criminal" singer has been a blue-collar, let-the-work-do-the-talking kind of artist until this point, and she's still that girl. You look up when you hear her standing up for herself during this co-write with Kane Brown.

"Want Me Back" (fans may call it "If I Were You") is her most commercially friendly radio release to date. The clean structure, guitar lines and verses recall and build off of the Brantley Gilbert collaboration "What Happens in a Small Town." Dann Huff was at the helm for both songs, and here he gives Ell an edge in cracking radio as a solo artist. Gone are some of the artistic flourishes found on The Project.

No, it doesn't ache like "I Don't Love You," but it's no less personal and far more accessible.

Lindsay Rimes and Matt McGinn also helped write this story of a woman giving an ex a kiss-off. "Yeah, you should miss me," she's saying during a song from the "Anger" portion of her upcoming album. This is the right song at the right time for Ell, a 2018 Taste of Country RISERS star.

Did You Know?: On Heart Theory, Ell also has co-writes with Brandy Clark and Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line. Find it on Aug. 14.

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Lindsay Ell, "Want Me Back" Lyrics: 

Typical you, always want what you can’t have / Soon as I moved on, started missing me so bad / Saying maybe we should try again, try to get it right again / Saying do we have to be done / Don’t know why I say goodbye then and honestly / I get where you’re coming from.

Cause if I were you / I’d miss my kiss, I’d miss me keeping you up all night / If I were you, I’d know that losing me would make me lose my mind / You ain’t gonna find nobody like me / I’m the best you ever had and I’m always gonna be / If I were you, if I were you / I’d want me back to.

Yeah, I wanna go back to that weekend out in L.A. / Bet that hotel bed ain’t ever been the same babe / was so good then, think of what we could’ve been / If you had just tried / Cause I think that I’m worth it / I thought you were perfect / But you had your time.

Repeat Chorus

Typical you, always want what you can’t have.

Repeat Chorus

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