Lee Brice may be preparing for the birth of his baby girl, but his new single is all about growing up in a man's world. Click play below to listen to Brice's nostalgic and emotional new single, "Boy."

In many ways, "Boy" celebrates a young man's coming of age: Its lyrics discuss first kisses, first fights and first broken hearts. In the vein of past Brice tunes such as "I Drive Your Truck," this new single is full of emotional depth, which Brice says "floored me" the first time he listened to it. The song is a conversation between a father and son, as a loving dad speaks to his child about growing up and treating people right.

Lee Brice Talks More About "Boy"

"You're gonna drive and kiss and throw a punch and grow up way too fast," Brice sings in the chorus of "Boy." "You're gonna drop the ball, hit the wall and break some hearts like glass / I know you will / 'Cause you're part of me / And part of you / Will always be / My boy."

As Brice prepares to release a new record, three years after 2014's I Don't Dance, "Boy" is a hint at what's to come. Every song on the singer's fourth studio album, except one, was written or co-written by Brice -- and "Boy" is that welcome exception.

In April, Brice wrapped up his American Made Tour, a co-headlining trek with Justin Moore.

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