According to the Pen Bay Pilot, the University of Maine at Augusta will now be offering a drone pilot collegiate program.

The school, which already had aeronautics programs, is one of 26 schools approved by the FAA to participate in the participant in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems-Collegiate Training Program (UAS-CTI).  To qualify for the program, the colleges must offer an associate's or bachelor's degree with at least a minor in unmanned aircraft systems.

The classes, which begin on August 31st, will include a seven week courses in Commercial FAA Pilot Certification or fixed-wing design and build.  Additionally, they feature a full semester course in Photogrammetry.

Why take the course?  Yes, anyone can buy a drone and start flying it around, but getting the degree and certifications allows you to do it commercially.

Get more details at the University of Maine at Augusta website

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