Are you a diehard fan of the Discovery Channel's hit TV show Deadliest Catch? I am, but it seems the show and King Crab fishing in general, is at a stand still at the moment because of the Federal Government Shutdown.

I bet you're wondering, why does the shutdown have anything to do with crab fishing? Well, a lot actually.


According to an article by the Associated Press, which you can read more on here, the government shutdown has left many fishing vessels at the docks because federal managers who are supposed to set individual fishing quotas are among workers still furloughed in the government's partial shutdown. This will definitely have an impact on Alaska's multimillion dollar crabbing industry.

If and when the government shutdown is resolved, crabbers won't make as much money because they've missed so much time. For now, all crews can do is sit and wait at Alaska's Dutch Harbor.

The crab fishing industry is just one of the industries that have been affected by the shutdown, imagine the long-term impact this will have.

Let's hope this is resolved soon and the vessels can get to fishing!

What are your thoughts on this?

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