Kelly Clarkson isn't technically a country singer, but she might as well be. An unreleased song called "Soap and Water" leaked to the internet, and it has all of the elements of a country radio hit.

The song is a demo, but Clarkson's Texas roots shine on twangy lines like the chorus: "Wipe down your lips / Dust down your story / Make up the bed that came before me / You can't wash your dirty hands, why even bother / No you can't compete with soap and water."

Clarkson is exposing this lyin,' cheatin' man, and there's nothing he can do to hide, because "it all comes out in the wash." "Soap and Water" bears some resemblance to another American Idol alum's sound, Carrie Underwood.

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This is a clean look at Clarkson's country talent — the first full-on country solo effort to see the light of day since 2013's "Tie It Up." Of course, she's always hanging out in the genre, cutting duets with Jason Aldean, rubbing elbows with mother-in-law Reba McEntire and propositioning artists like Kelsea Ballerini for new collaborations (see the above video).

Clarkson has a new album planned for this year, although a release date has not been revealed. It won't be country, however — Entertainment Tonight reported last year that she plans to create something a little different with a more "soulful" lean. The new album will become her seventh full-length studio album in her 15-year career.

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