AmericanaFest brought with it its share of memorable moments this past weekend, including a sweet collaboration between Kacey Musgraves and her husband/fellow music maker Ruston Kelly. The two surprised fans with a rendition of Kelly’s new song “Just for the Record.”

“All right, woman, you ready to do this?” Kelly asked Musgraves as she got herself poised behind the microphone at Mercy Lounge in Nashville Friday (Sept. 14).

And yes, the couple was indeed ready to perform—but according to a video caught by a fan, some of the crowd was not. “Hey you, in the back,” Kelly sternly addressed the crowd. “If you could shut the f--- up, that would be awesome.”

The crowd erupted in applause, and the two proceeded to deliver the song, which is featured on Kelly’s latest album Dying Star. The couple also teamed up for a duet earlier this year on the Johnny Cash classic “To June This Morning.”

Musgraves’ love for country music has always been evident. Yet, in a recent interview, she rehashed some of the issues she has with the way the genre overlooks women, particularly at awards shows.

“Though I’m extremely honored to be nominated, I have to say that the number of females included still doesn’t satisfy me, especially considering the fact that I feel that we’re in a current time where more females are making good music,” Musgraves tells Billboard.

Musgraves goes on to say that she’s “seen more women writing more varied lyrics and being more than just a big voice or a pretty face, as opposed to years in the somewhat recent past.

"I’ve seen indications of the genre opening its mind," she adds. "But unfortunately no hard proof yet in a lot of areas that matter — radio play, award shows, festival billing, etc.”

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