Wear Blue Wednesday as a tribute to Libby Grass 

When you go to pick out your clothes for Wednesday, I ask that you find something blue to wear and show your support for a local family and community that has suffered an unfortunate loss. Many friends, businesses, and schools will be wearing blue on Wednesday to honor the life of Libby Grass, who unexpectedly passed away on Monday evening.

Libby Grass was just 19-years-old at the time of her passing leaving behind family, friends, and a promising future. She was a recent graduate of Central Aroostook High School, where she helped lead her team to the 2020 Class C State Basketball championship, among many other accomplishments. Libby was an accomplished member and leader of the Mars Hill FFA Chapter.

The school's Facebook page has asked that anyone and everyone wear blue on Wednesday, to honor her memory. Many people described her playing style and personality as scrappy, which is a fitting compliment. Libby gave 110% to any activity I saw her engage in whether it was basketball or soccer. She displayed the true meaning of grit which can only come from a farm kid!  

Via MSAD 42 Facebook Page
Via MSAD 42 Facebook Page

After Libby took ill late last week the communities of Mars Hill and Blaine gathered at Central Aroostook High School on Sunday to hold a group prayer for Libby and her family. It comes as no surprise that well over 100 people showed up on Sunday to show their support. On Monday morning the town put up Libby's graduation picture and sign in the middle of town. By Monday night the pole was covered in flowers and signs from Libby's friends, expressing their grief. 

Schools and businesses will light it up blue on Wednesday 

The response to the Wear Blue Wednesday challenge has already been met by several local schools that came to know Libby over the years. Ashland, Easton, Hodgdon, Van Buren, Houlton, Washburn, and GHCA are just a few of the schools that have already committed to wearing blue to show support for the Grass family, friends, and the community.

As word of Libby's passing spread on Tuesday evening, the response from all across the state of Maine. Many people on social media have added a temporary profile picture to honor Libby. There are some deaths that impact communities more than others, and the passing of Libby has shaken my hometown to its core. 

Libby Grass' graduation picture and sign was put up on display in downtown Mars Hill. Via Wendy Shaw
Libby Grass' graduation picture and sign was put up on display in downtown Mars Hill. Via Wendy Shaw

A sign of support and solidarity 

Wearing blue will let the family and community know that you are supporting them and that Aroostook County is home for this very reason, you'll always have support. Libby has a wide network of friends who are going through a wide range of emotions. These kids need to see and feel the support as they work through the complexity of life. You may not know Libby or her family, but if you are reading this you likely know someone who does know the Grass family, which is why we support each other. You can send the pictures of your Wear Blue Wednesday to the Central Aroostook Athletics Facebook page or the MSAD #42 Facebook page.

Memories live on forever

I had the privilege of being able to call the magical run that Libby and her Panthers teammates went on to win the 2020 gold ball. Libby had the ability to play at a speed above the rest and that made her a difficult matchup for many. She became a very good outside shooter, hitting several key three-pointers during the run and was usually the primary defender against the opponent's best players. It is apparent that Libby impacted many people beyond the courts and fields and I am sure that Wear Blue Wednesday will be incredible. At the end of this piece, you'll find a gallery attached with photos from the 2020 tournament, some of them featuring Libby Grass #22.

There are many people across Aroostook County and Maine that are showing their support to Libby's family and friends. I hope that my people in Blaine and Mars Hill can heal and find comfort in each other during the coming days and weeks. We pass along our sympathies to you all, and especially to Libby's family.

Rest easy, Libby Joy Grass.

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