Jessie James Decker has a new song out, and it's qute timely for a variety of reasons. The song, "Boots," dares naysayers to "walk a mile" in her shoes, taunting them with the statement that nobody will ever fill her footwear.

"People keep on talking, honey, I just smile," Decker sings in the swaggering, confident anthem. "They say I'll never make it, but I'll be here for a while."

The tune is, of course, a welcome dose of female assurance in the midst of a current-events news cycle spotlighting women's words versus men's. It's also timely for Decker for personal reasons, given that she was recently swept up in gossip regarding her husband, retired football pro Eric Decker.

When a random Tweeter on social media circulated last week a (since deleted) rumor that Eric might be hanging out in nightclubs with other ladies than his wife, the star (who shares three young children with Jessie) shut them down quickly with a humorous but pointed tweet of his own:

"Sorry lady the only club i’ve been jamming is the Mickey Mouse Club House! (That’s a kids TV show for all of you non parents)," he quipped.

Mrs. Decker herself responded to the gossip by posting a shot of the couple kissing, with the hashtag "BFFs."

It seems as if the singer does indeed feel quite secure in her boots. In addition to releasing new music and raising her youngsters, Decker has a new book, Just Jessie, which offers her advice on a variety of lifestyle topics including beauty, fitness, parenting, decor and food. It will be released on Oct. 2.

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