Lazy days on the beach need a good soundtrack, and country stars are happy to oblige. The best beach songs come from legends and relative newcomers, but all promote fun in the sun and surf.

You'll find songs for every beach-related occasion in this batch of country hits. Some are just plain summertime fun, while others hint at the sinister emotions that often drive a person to escapism. Some are about destination vacations to the most famous beaches on the planet, while others extol the virtues of making your own fun — right in your own backyard. Heck, some of the beaches on this list aren't even located at an ocean!

Scroll through our roundup of the best country beach songs to get excited for your own upcoming vacation, or simply to take a little getaway in your mind.

Surf's Up! Country Music's 25 Best Beach Songs, Ranked

There's just something special about cranking country music with the windows down on a hot summer day when you're headed to the beach. Here are our 25 favorite country songs about surf, sand, water and more.

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