Halloween was full of excitement as the kids were out getting candy, the parents were driving them around, and the Christmas decorations went up. Wait. What. Yes, it happened. We got a picture (it’s a little blurry).

Is It Too Soon for Christmas Decorations?

We were out admiring some Halloween decorations when we turned around and saw the Christmas display already up on October 31st. Is it too soon? November is right after Halloween. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.

Personally, we like it. We kind of need the good vibes right now. The ones that do it too early are all the Super Centers who put out Christmas stuff way too early. 

They say the time to put up your Christmas Tree is the day after Thanksgiving. So it makes sense. The day after Halloween, the Christmas display goes up. 

One of the Best Christmas Displays Around

A shout-out to this particular Christmas display in Presque Isle. We come here every year. You have to see it at night. It’s one of the best around the area - and there’s a lot more to it too. These decorations always come down on time at the end of the holiday season. There are no burnt out bulbs on it either.

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"You've Been Booed"

And then the Halloween display right across the street. This one has it all from the scary to the fun. We especially like the juxtaposition of Halloween with the skulls and gravestones on one side of the street with the playful and joyful Christmas theme across the way.

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It got a lot of attention, including the Presque Isle High School Class of 2022. They posted their sign saying “You’ve Been Booed.” That’s a real honor, especially on Halloween night.

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Too Soon or Right on Time?

It’s a nice transition. Or do you think it’s too soon for Christmas lawn ornaments? Before we know it, we’ll have snow. That will make the display look right at home.

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