Ignite PI is proud to announce that they’ve passed the halfway mark to their fundraising goal for their BE A SPARK campaign. 

Major corporations and private donors make up the composition of supporters. Bob & Kathie Davis, Julie & Ed Therrien, Bob & Ann Sirois, Falcon Transport and many others have donated to the capital campaign for acquiring The Northeastland Hotel.  Ignite PI is still actively raising funds to meet the match needed for the acquisition of the Northeastland.  The total campaign goal is $275,000 and due to the generosity and pledges of the community members, Ignite PI is $95,000 away from reaching its goal. 

Clint Deschene, Director of Community Innovation for Ignite PI said, “Currently we have asked the community to visit our website to participate in our BE A SPARK campaign.  Participation is key to our success.  We hope to reach our 100-donor participation goal by early May in order to help Ignite PI acquire the Northeastland. Our hope is that the whole community will come together to make this happen.  No donation is too big, or too small.”

Katahdin Trust is the first local financial institution to step up and commit resources towards this project which will become an economic hub and operate as an incubator for entrepreneurs. “Your support can make a difference,” says Dave Cambridge, Senior Vice President, Commercial Services for Katahdin Trust. “We are encouraging you to show your support for Aroostook County by investing in local entrepreneurs and help make Presque Isle a destination! By contributing to Ignite PI’s BE A SPARK campaign, you will have a direct impact on the economic vitality of Presque Isle.”

The Board and staff of Ignite PI are actively approaching the community to BE A SPARK to reach their goal.  Naming and Dedication Opportunities are also still available from $500 brick donations. Interested donors can visit the Ignite Presque Isle website at www.ignitepi.org or email info@ignitepi.org.   


Ignite PI (IGNITE PI) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization registered with the State of Maine.  Federal accreditation is pending and is expected in mid-2021.  Ignite PI is working to establish a physical business location in the City of Presque Isle to serve as a co-workspace, networking hub, and innovation center.  Ignite PI envisions itself as the compliment to all organizations dedicated to make the City of Presque Isle succeed.  It is the goal of Ignite PI to use fundraising revenues, donations, membership fees, and grant proceeds to build the structure of an economic development agency that prioritizes the City of Presque Isle.  Ignite PI will be developed as a place for aspiring entrepreneurs to work and network as they establish a new business to create a synergy that will be contagious in the City. 

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If you would like more information, please contact Clint Deschene, Director of Community Innovation at (207) 478-5069, or email info@ignitepi.org.

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