There are some incredible photos & videos of the ice carousel and all the activity on Long Lake, St. Agatha Saturday. 

Watch as the the markers line up and they set the world record for the biggest ice carousel, Saturday around 12 pm.

The news was so big that AP covered the story. Read the full article.

Maine Group Spins Ice Carousel for World Record

  1. AGATHA, Maine (AP) — An intrepid group of volunteers from northern Maine took advantage of the last of the melting spring lake ice on Saturday to spin what they hope is a world record ice carousel.

The Northern Maine Ice Busters, using outboard motors and a potato harvester blower motor modified with a 24-inch (61-centimeter brass propeller successfully spun a disc of ice with a diameter of 1,234 feet (376 meters) one full revolution on Long Lake in St. Agatha.

“This just shows the ingenuity and tenacity of the people up here,” Ice Buster volunteer John Mazo told the Bangor Daily News.

The volunteer group of between 20 and 30 initially intended to cut a smaller disc, until a group in Finland in February successfully cut and turned a disc measuring a little more than 1,000 feet (305 meters) in diameter, setting a world record.

The Finnish disc conquered a 749-foot (228-meter) record set in 2019 in Minnesota.

The World Ice Carousel Association monitors the events.

The Ice Busters will work with the Guinness World Records to verify the record.

Some of the local images are from the prep work this past week, Helicopters landed on the ice surface as part of the big event while crews were busy moving around to get the carousel perfected.

To get the ice carousel to spin, the team used this great contraption to make it go. Watch it in action as it gets started from this aerial view.

Maine held the record in April 2018 as the same group of self-described “working-class citizens” put in an amazing effort. Members of the Facebook Group - Northern Maine Ice Busters - said they want to reclaim the record and get the “trophy back where it belongs."

Take a look at a video of the 2018 record in Maine.

A group from Finland recently held the world record when they created this gigantic ice carousel.

It’s called  the "ditcher" and it does exactly what the name says. Watch this birds-eye  view as the carousel is formed. 

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A lot of credit goes out to the crew who spent many long hours and organizing a lot of moving parts to set another world record for northern Maine.

World Record Ice Carousel, Long Lake, Maine

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