David Casarez, an engineer and web developer, moved from Texas to California's Silicon Valley in the hopes of working in the tech industry. But when he used up all his savings and was still without a job, he found himself homeless, sleeping in parks and stairwells.

That's when he decided to stand on a street corner in Mountain View—not to ask for money, but to hand out copies of his resume. "Homeless. Hungry 4 Success. Take a resume," his sign read.

When Jasmine Scofield drove by and saw it, she snapped a photo and tweeted it to her followers with his permission, asking for retweets to help Casarez out.

What happened next blew both of them away. The tweet was retweeted more than 138,000 times, and the hashtag #GetDavidAJob was born, KRON reports. "So I called him and I was like, it's going viral. I hope you're OK with that," Scofield recounts to KTVU.

Since then, Casarez, who graduated from Texas A&M University in 2014 with a degree in Management Information Systems, says he's been contacted by more than 200 companies including Apple, LinkedIn, and Netflix, and is scheduling job interviews.

One company has offered to put him up in a hotel during the interview process. "I didn't expect it to have turned out this way. The support has just been so overwhelming, very positive," he says.

He's sharing updates on his story on Twitter. (This Princeton professor's resume famously only listed failures.)

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