So here we are staring down another Maine winter.  So what is the answer to keeping a good attitude you ask? Well for me, voyeur and foodie that I am, historic architecture and pie should get me over the hump at least one day and this year that day is January 29, 2017 – 1-4pm.

Homemade Delicious Pecan Pie

The event takes place all over Rockland properAccording to the Historic Inn's webpage,

This is not your average pie-in-the-sky event. Move aside Mom’s apple pie, Rockland’s inns and restaurants will serve up everything from Shepherds Pie and a number of gourmet Pizza Pies to sweet and savory Italian Galettes, seafood pies,  Whoopie Pies and the signature Key LimeRock Pie at the LimeRock Inn. Of course, for those who still love the age-old favorites; look for Apple, Raspberry and Blueberry pie along with savory egg pies at the Berry Manor Inn and a newly developed Cranberry Apple Pie and a delicious crab quiche at the Granite Inn. Best of all, fear not the packing on of pie pounds; Rockland businesses have added healthy pies (yes, there can be such a thing!) to the list. Last year, FIORE Olive Oils & Vinegars served up a beautiful pie with healthy olive oil and in the past Rheal Day Spa served a “Not Too Sweet” Sweet Potato Pie (chosen for the antioxidant qualities of sweet potatoes and gluten free) and a Refined Sugar-free, Lavender, Honey and Yogurt Pie, defying all preconceived notions about “pie-ling” on calories from pies! Each of the participating venues will serve both a savory and sweet pie, including a number of unusual galettes, tarts, pot pies, pizza pies, even a grilled pie and quiches too.

Shazam! count me in.  Even though I am more of a sweet pie kind of person many of these offerings do fuel my imagination. Click here for to purchase tickets.

When to get there you'll have opportunities to walk or trolley around to all the different participants. To date more than 20 Rockland venues, have signed on with Pies on Parade. And in addition to the inns and restaurants, a number of additional Rockland, ME businesses have signed on for the “Pie-rade” including the Maine Lighthouse Museum, Maine Audubon Puffin Project & FIORE Olive Oils & Vinegars.

Proceeds from this event benefit the Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry. Over the past twelve years, more than $110,000 has been donated from this event to help provide food for Midcoast families.

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