Mountain Rescue Service has recovered the body of a man who died when he fell 300 feet off a cliff Saturday morning on Mt. Willard in Crawford Notch in New Hampshire.

Hiker Taking Photos When He Fell Off 300 Foot Cliff in New Hampshire

The man’s wife was with him on the summit taking photos of the area. She called 911 for help after “heard her husband yell and looked over to notice him falling over the edge of the mountain down a steep cliff that extended to the bottom approximately 800 feet,” said Officials from the New Hampshire Fish and Game. The incident happened around 10:30 am.

Rescue Team Rappels Down Cliff to Locate His Body

A team of technicians with the Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) responded to the scene with Conservation Officers. MRS members rappelled down the icy and steep cliff. Around 2:30 pm, they located the body of the deceased hiker approximately 300 feet below Mt. Willard’s summit.

Both the Mountain Rescue Service and Conservation Officers extracted the man’s body up the cliff and to the summit. Authorities carried him down the mountain and arrived at the trailhead parking lot around 6:45 pm.

The man’s name and additional information has not been released as family is being notified.

MRS Team Info

Learn more about the MRS Team and donate through the New Hampshire Outdoor Council at

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