Thanks to everyone who played Pro Football Pick ‘Em this season! Congratulations to all the weekly winners! In the end, two players were tied for the Championship.

Congratulations to “jayman” and “paulaustin” who both had a winning percentage of 66.54%. Only one player can win and a tie breaker was applied from the rules.

- The official rules for the tie breaker are below. It's calculating who picked the score of the last games of the week closest through the season.

- Congratulations to “jayman” who won with a 14-3 record. "paulaustin" had a 3-14 record.

Pick Em 2017

- “jayman” won the $500 in gas cards from our sponsor, Priority Auto Sales. He also gets to predict the halftime and final scores of the Big Game on Feb. 4, with the chance to win $1,000, if he predicts either score correctly. If he predicts both correctly he’ll take home $10,000! Good luck!

Below is from the rules for the contest and how the tie breaker was decided:

Tie Breaking Procedures: In the event of a tie among the weekly point leaders in any week of the contest, the tiebreakers shall be as follows:

  • Contestant who has predicted the actual or closest to the actual Cumulative Points total in the last game listed on the contest site, and scheduled to be played for that corresponding week, regardless if their actual prediction is higher or lower than the actual point total.
  • In the event of a remaining tie among any eligible contestants, the tie-breaker shall then be a random drawing among the tied contestants conducted by the Contest Administrator.

NOTE: In the event of a tie for the Season-Long Points Champion, the tie-breaking procedures above shall apply based upon the combined total cumulative points differential results from the entire season.

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